Persistance was the word for 2014. All the guides at SRRO put a lot of time in scouting for the big ones this year and it paid off. Finding them and outsmarting them to get in close enough for a shot are two different things. Being persistent and knowing that the big ones were there somewhere and would eventually make a mistake led to the harvesting of some absolute monsters.  

Beautiful weather during archery season made for some good hunting and some nice animals taken. Nice weather and hard work made for some really happy hunters in the beginning of the season. Hunting in the rain and snow later in the season wasn't much fun but it proved to bring out the big boys with two bucks over 200" hitting the ground.  

Elk season was really productive with a lot of big six point bulls being harvested. The mild winter led to some good horn growth in 2014 and with all of the same great guides returning for the 2015 season it should be a good one.  

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